Foreclosure Lawyer – Help for Those Facing the Loss of their Home

Are you in financial hardship and in danger of losing your home?  If so, please call me immediately to learn how I may be able to help.

What You Should Know About Foreclosure in Indiana

Denial and delay are two critical factors in losing a home, apart from divorce and job loss.

If you are having difficulties in paying your bills, credit cards, and your mortgage, it’s important to consult with an attorney now – while there may still be time to take action.  As time goes by, and as lenders begin the foreclosure process, the options available typically become limited or disappear.

I help clients facing potential home foreclosure by:

  • Reviewing their financial circumstances, including their assets, liabilities, and projected income,
  • Reviewing loan documents to understand the exact rights provided to lenders regarding foreclosure,
  • Reviewing the actions that may have been taken by the lenders, and determining whether such actions comply with applicable law and what effect such actions may have on the borrower,
  • Determining the alternatives that may be available,
  • Negotiating on behalf of borrowers, where possible, to seek to help them keep their home.

Often, borrowers are faced with overwhelming debt from many sources – credit card debt, car loans, student loans, and a mortgage.  If a home is to be kept, typically a comprehensive plan – and action – are required immediately. I help clients understand their situation, the law, and their alternatives so that they can make the decisions that are the best for them.  I then represent clients in taking action designed to achieve their objectives.

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Generally when a Debtor whose house is in foreclosure proceedings sends proper notice of Bankruptcy to the foreclosure court and the creditor mortgage company, then the court must put the foreclosure proceedings on hold and the mortgage company must stop all collection efforts.  This means that unless the house has already been sold at a foreclosure sale, the mortgage company must cancel any scheduled foreclosure sale and other collection efforts until the bankruptcy is complete or until the court grants the mortgage company relief from the bankruptcy stay.

It will not always be possible for a person to save his or her home from foreclosure.  Sometimes financial circumstances will have changed dramatically, or perhaps it will be too late when an attorney is brought into a matter.  In these cases, I help clients to understand their options, such as a home sale or short sale that might provide the best financial result given their condition.

If you are facing the potential loss of your home, I would invite you to call me today for a free phone consultation.