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Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful situations in life, not only for the divorcing spouses, but even more so for any children that may be involved.  I understand.

I help clients in a divorce by explaining how the law applies to their circumstances, determining the high priority key objectives to be obtained, developing a strategy toward achieving these objectives, and showing them how they are able to control many aspects of their divorce.  After developing a plan, I work tenaciously on achieving key goals through negotiation, creative solutions, and courtroom advocacy.

Taking Control of Your Divorce

Two of the key factors that cause the most stress in a divorce are (i) that there are going to be significant changes concerning assets, living arrangements, and living/lifestyle relationships with any minor children involved, and (ii) that divorcing spouses do not have any control over the outcome of the matters noted in item (i).

The fact is, divorcing spouses often have a huge amount of control over their divorce. In most divorces, the outcome is reached through negotiation, creativity, and hard to work to reach acceptable resolutions than through trial and decisions by the court.  At the outset of a divorce, it’s important to understand key aspects of Indiana divorce law, such as the presumption that children should have significant time with each parent, and the methodology for calculating child support.  It’s also important to know that courts won’t “punish” a parent who is “responsible” for causing a divorcing by withhold custody or parenting time rights, or imposing more support obligations.

Indiana law thus encourages divorcing spouses to work out property division, support, parenting time, and other matters together, whenever possible.  Trial is expensive, it can take a long time, and the decisions of the court can sometimes leave both parties in a less favorable position.  As a result, each spouse must ultimately address the same question – would I be better off reaching an acceptable resolution with my soon-to-be ex-spouse, or should I put my future in the hands of a judge?

What Happens When Agreement Cannot Be Reached?

In cases when agreement on divorce matters cannot be reached by divorcing couple, my role is to vigorously pursue the most favorable property division, child custody, and support order at trial.

How I Help

I help clients in all aspects of their divorce, including:

I offer affordable fees, dedicated representation, and a focus on developing solutions over conflict to the extent possible.  Please call me to learn how I can help you.