Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

What is DACA?

DACA is a US immigration policy adopted in 2012 and is available to individuals who entered the United States before age 16 and who meet certain vital criteria. Deferred action means action will not be taken to remove undocumented individuals from the US for at least two years. This renewable benefit is not an immigration standing similar to a visa or greencard and is not lawful status. However, the benefits of receiving approval to stay in the US under DACA include clearance to work and some states will even allow you to get a driver’s license.

DACA Requirements and Qualifications

DACA has many steps to completion and many requirements. An individual will need to gather all documents needed as proof they meet guidelines and complete several forms. The next step is mailing those documents to the appropriate location and scheduling an appointment for a biometric background check. The status of the application can be checked through

Indianapolis DACA LawyerDACA might be granted to those currently in removal proceedings or those who have never been in removal proceedings. Before applying for DACA status, an applicant should carefully consider if they qualify, whether they have any criminal record, and whether they are sure of their supporting documentation. If found ineligible, the USCIS might start the deportation process.

DACA applications have many eligibility requirements to meet and questions will arise as a person attempts to determine if they qualify. Any mistake or misunderstanding might result in their deportation. Therefore, it is recommended that DACA applicants use an attorney who understands all of the questions and requirements for DACA.

How I Help Clients with DACA

Immigration Laws are complex and DACA is a new discretionary benefit, implemented in 2012. I help clients carefully evaluate their eligibility for DACA, answers questions about supporting documentation and complete the required DACA forms with them. If you are in need of affordable representation to help with DACA, please call my office to schedule an appointment.