Indianapolis Collections Lawyer – Are You or Your Business Owed Money Which is Not Being Paid?

If so, I can help.

When people and businesses don’t pay the amounts that they owe, I take them to court on behalf of my clients in seeking a judgment against them.

Lieb-web images_0059_JamesLieb_072.jpgIn many cases, those who owe money will not appear in court.  When this happens, the court is entitled to review the evidence presented as to what amounts are owed, and to enter a default judgment against the debtors.  If the debtor appears and loses, the court will also order a judgment against the debtor.

When a judgement is entered, there are a number of actions that can be taken to obtain the amount of the judgement, which may include garnishing wages, placing a lien on property, or requiring banks to pay amounts that may be in a debtor’s accounts.  Thus a judgement is a powerful tool that can be used.

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In many cases, those who do not pay what they owe do not do so simply because they don’t want to pay, but rather because they are in a declining financial position.  As a result, it will be important for creditors to assert their rights while there may be proceeds available.

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