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The Indiana Child Support Guidelines provide a rebuttable presumption that such guidelines will govern, and that the support obligations determined in accordance with such Guidelines should be awarded.  Courts, however, are free to deviate from the Guidelines in such cases where the factual circumstances support a conclusion that another amount should be awarded.

These Guidelines are focused first and foremost around promoting and ensuring the welfare of children. Courts recognize that a certain level of support will be necessary to properly care for children in all cases, regardless of what a parent’s income may be.

The Guidelines have also been adopted to provide specific guidance to courts in making support decisions, with the goal that parents similarly situated will be treated more or less the same.  In addition to the income of the parents, the Guidelines also take into account factors such as the number of overnights the children have with each parent, and any extraordinary circumstances and needs.

How Will the Guidelines Apply in Your Case?

The guidelines can be relatively complex, and do not always take into consideration all circumstances and extraordinary needs.

During divorce and paternity proceedings, I help clients determine the amount of support based upon the Indiana Child Support Guidelines, and also whether there are factors that exist that should call for a deviation from the Guidelines.   After divorces and paternity cases, I represent clients in circumstances in which there may be a need to adjust support payments.

For more information, please see our page on Garnishment for Child Support Payments.

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