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Nearly all businesses become involved in disputes at some time.  While a legitimate dispute may exist, this does not mean that the dispute must be resolved at trial.

When disputes arise, most businesses are focused on ending the dispute as quickly as possible so long as certain objectives can be met.  Usually, it is better for senior to management to focus on moving a business forward rather than to become embroiled in protracted litigation and legal fees.

I understand.

At the outset of disputes, I help clients identify what would constitute a “win” in light of the dispute.  In some cases, creative alternatives can be used to end the dispute, or litigation, early in the process.  In some cases, mediation early in the process (particularly before significant legal fees have been incurred) allows each party to achieve an acceptable solution.

In other cases, discovery, depositions, and research will be important to narrow the issues.  Another favorable opportunity to resolve cases through mediation (and even arbitration) also exists at this time.

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The vast majority of all business disputes are resolved outside of trial; particularly as it can take significant time, and be fairly expensive, to take cases to trial.  Nonetheless, when trial results, I and my firm go all out in seeking a full win for clients.

Establishing Clear Dispute & Litigation Goals Early in a Case

I believe that trial should not happen by accident.  Instead, it should only occur when a significant dispute exists, all reasonable efforts to negotiate an effective settlement have been fully explored, and the company’s initial strategy dictates trial.

With respect to this last point, in the case of a monetary amount that may be at stake, a company should realize the external legal and expert fees and other costs, as well as the internal cost of management and employee time, will continue to increase as litigation proceeds.  As a general principal, these costs and further litigation should not proceed if there are settlement opportunities available, and the additional costs to be expended are not likely to result in a better outcome.

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I help business by advancing their objectives, and seeking strategies to develop wins.