Business law

Your Indianapolis Small Business Lawyer – Fulfilling the Legal Needs of Business Owners

I represent small businesses and their owners in a wide variety of matters, including:

Business owners want a trusted attorney who understands their business and objectives, who can provide experienced advice on a wide variety of matters, and who can provide affordable representation and responsiveness on short notice.  Business owners want creative alternatives and solutions – not the history of the law.  My practice is dedicated to these objectives.

How I Help Business Owners

The more I understand your business and objectives, the more efficient I can be in providing solutions.  My business practice is focused primarily around three areas:

  • Helping businesses to identify, understand, and minimize risks. As an example, having a comprehensive employee handbook and policies can help a business to better protect itself against employee lawsuits.
  • Helping business with contract and other needs occurring in the ordinary course of business.
  • Helping business respond in the event of an urgent, unexpected matter, including business disputes and litigation.

Your business is unique. The more I understand your business, the better I can help protect the interests of your business and further business objectives.

Your Needs When Urgent Matters Arise

Urgent business matters do not always arise during the 9-5 workday.  Often, they arise at night, on weekends – even on holidays.

When urgent matters arise, having immediate access to legal counsel is often imperative, as decisions need to be made – and actions need to be taken – right away.

I endeavor to make myself available to clients whenever needed to respond to urgent matters.  Business clients will have my personal contact information so that they can reach me outside of normal office hours should the need arise.

I Would Look Forward to Meeting You and Learning About Your Business

Please call me so that we might meet at a time convenient with your schedule.