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Most of us are raised to pay out debts.  We’re often led to believe that people who declare bankruptcy are those who live far beyond their means, and then try to take advantage of the system to wipe out their debts.

This is not true.

The fact is that a huge portion of our population has been hurt by the most recent recession.  Millions have lost tens of thousands of dollars in home value and retirement accounts.  Many people – particularly those over 40 – have lost good jobs, and have had to take much lower-paying jobs or start their own businesses.

Most people who file for bankruptcy have been the victims of the economic downturn, or have suffered significant health issues, a divorce, or other event beyond their control.

The good news is that the bankruptcy laws are available to provide individuals with a fresh start.  Congress has long recognized that the economy is much better off if people are given a chance to start over, rather than keeping them locked into a lifetime of financial hardship.

If You are in Financial Hardship and Unable to Pay Your Bills, Take Action Now

Ignoring creditors and denying financial realities are usually the worst responses.
I help clients understand the options that are available to them, so that a comprehensive strategy can be developed to address their creditors and better their financial condition, including matters involving:

  • Credit card debt
  • Car and vehicle loans
  • Other financial obligations
  • Mortgage loans

The earlier that I am involved, the more options are usually available.

In some situations, bankruptcy may be the best alternative.  If this is the case, I can answer your questions, advise you as to which of your assets may be exempt from bankruptcy foreclosure, and address how best to handle secured assets (such as homes and vehicles).

I help clients file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 (Liquidation), and Chapter 13 (Reorganization).   Please click on these links to learn more.  As part of the bankruptcy process, it’s important to understand the Automatic Stay that is imposed, which requires creditors to cease collection calls and efforts, except as permitted by the bankruptcy court.  As a result, repossession and foreclosure can be temporarily suspended during the bankruptcy process.

For more information, please see our pages on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection, and The Bankruptcy Automatic Stay.

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