Indianapolis Asylum Lawyer for Those Suffering Persecution

Asylum is an immigration status that can be granted to foreign nationals who are in the United States and who have suffered persecution in their home country based on their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion, or those who reasonably fear that they will suffer such persecution if they return to their home country.

Types of Asylum

There are two types of Asylum, known as Affirmative Asylum and Defensive Asylum. Defensive Asylum seekers apply for Asylum as a defense when they are in removal (deportation) proceedings.  Affirmative Asylum seekers apply for Asylum as a way to obtain legal residency in the United States.

Filing an Application for Asylum

Asylum applicants generally must file an Application for Asylum within one year after arriving in the United States and must provide extensive documentation supporting their claim of persecution.  The documentation will typically include a written statement explaining in detail why they left their home country and why they are afraid to return, independent country condition reports, and any other documents supporting their claim of persecution.  After the documentation is submitted the applicant will be required to attend an interview where an Asylum Officer will review the applicant’s documents and ask many questions to test the applicant’s truthfulness and claim of persecution.

Do You Meet the Qualifications for Asylum?

Before filing an Application for Asylum, an Applicant should carefully consider whether they meet the qualifications for Asylum.  Asylum applications and asylum interviews have many technical, complicated questions and documentation requirements.  If a person files an Application for Asylum and the application is denied, it may result in them being deported and barred from re-entering the U.S.
Persons who have committed certain crimes are ineligible for Asylum.  Therefore, it is recommended that Asylum applicants use an attorney who has understands all of the questions and requirements for Asylum.   In some cases a person can obtain Post-Conviction Relief to amend their criminal history to remove the risk of deportation and make them eligible for Asylum.

How I Help Clients with Asylum

I help clients by explaining and helping evaluate their qualifications for Asylum.  I also represent clients in seeking Post-Conviction Relief or other forms of relief to help them become eligible for Asylum, completing the Application for Asylum, compiling all necessary documentation, and preparing them for their interviews to obtain Asylum.  If you are in need of affordable representation to obtain Asylum, please call me.